Denis Doeland (Utrecht, 1971) has been active in the music industry (Dance) since 1993. He started out in the Bad Vibes record store, home of ID&Ts very first music ventures. As ID&T label manager, he oversees vinyl, CD single and compilation releases, and the licensing of the ID&T catalog to third parties. In 1995, he initiated ID&Ts music publishing company.

Switching companies

Switching to the Combined Forces label in 1999, he manages the international exploitation of the labels catalog, as well as Artist & repertoire management. He explores the online exploitation of music.

In 2002, he starts DDMCA (Denis Doeland Management Consultancy and Advice). Denis employs his know-how for advice to start-up artists, event organizers and companies that exploit (copy)rights. After completing a series of (internationally) successful projects, he puts DDMCA on the back burner and returns to his former love, ID&T, working for its music publishing company, ID&T Publishing, supervising the programming of ID&T Radio, and starting up Dance-Tunes, ID&T’s music download platform and created the company’s first digital strategy.

Primary occupancy

In the final years of his 18-year stint at ID&T, Denis is occupied with the online activities and exploitation of intellectual property of ID&T, Q-Dance and Sensation. He created the base of ID&T’s digital strategy which led to a new valuation of the company. In May 2011, he focuses on DDMCA, concentrating on the many aspects of intellectual property and technology.

As for the digital domain, Denis currently assists companies and organizations to engage internet and social media in order to meet with the new expectations of fans, clients, employees and other parties involved. In The Netherlands, he is leading in the field of using technology, internet and social media for the development and sharing of knowledge. These days, he operates as an independent consultant and supplies advice, analyses, lectures, trainings, social media and internet monitoring.

Lectures and writing

Apart from consulting for various companies and organizations, he is guest lecturer at the Fontys Hogeschool in Tilburg since 2013 and other Universities in the Netherlands. With Ger Hofstee, he co-authored, published in print and online. Denis writes blogs and contributions for Emerce, Marketingfacts, Adformatie, LiveScope, Sportnext, Digital Economics, Fast Moving Targets, Fanfiber, True, This is Our House, DJ Mag, and various other guest blogs.

Denis in short: Author, Blogger, Disruptor, Maven, Numerati, Speaker and Transformer.

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  1. Author’s Note
  2. Preface: EDM and the digital domain
  3. Introduction: EDM and its revolutionary character
  4. The role of the internet ecosystem in EDM
  5. The business model examined
  6. How to organize your organization?
  7. Setting up a digital strategy
  8. Fan base information is the key
  9. Company value in the digital domain
  10. Transforming into a digital mature company
  11. Epilogue: Don’t be Hansje Brinker
  12. Extra: Have some DJs hit their ceiling?
  13. Extra: Measuring your digital maturity
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