0. Why djs and festivals should change

The entertainment industry has been fundamentally transformed by the digital revolution and the COVID-19 pandemic. Music professionals and festival organizers face new challenges.

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With this publication EDM and the Digital Domain, author and consultant Denis Doeland details how to digitize your music business, in order to thrive in the global entertainment industry.


The digital domain is an ecosystem that connects numerous sub-ecosystems: online communities of end-users (fans and clients), developers, suppliers, distributors and many more. They use one another’s strengths; complement and boost one another in order to jointly create value for other end-users. This is the basis of the digital economy, of which the contemporary creative industry – and therefore the entertainment industry – is an integral part.

The music industry has been fundamentally transformed by the digital revolution. The production, distribution, marketing, promotion and consumption of music, and electronic dance music (EDM) in particular, have been digitized. Music professionals and festival organizers face new challenges and are able exploit new opportunities.

New currency

Attention is the new currency and data are the new gold. In EDM and the Digital Domain, author Denis Doeland maps out a strategy how to make the transformation from the old analogue to the new digital business model. It explains why a sound digital strategy is a crucial step to lasting success and details how deejays and event producers can thrive by managing their social media presence.

Yet, social media are much more than a marketing tool. Data mining via digital platforms offers numerous opportunities for getting to know your audience better, which helps to cater to their needs and wishes in a more detailed manner, thus bolstering your market position. Even more importantly, data management and data analysis create opportunities for new products and new services, resulting in new streams of revenue.

EDM and the Digital Domain is a ‘must read’ for all music business professionals: deejays, artist managers, promotors, label managers, event and festival producers, publishers, distributors and vendors.

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