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The DJ, event or festival is a network. Content is the driving force that connects the DJ, event or festival to fans and clients. Data are the additional economic value.

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This digital publication is my contribution to the entertainment industry, and the dance industry in particular. I have been actively involved in the world of dance music for some twenty years and this is my way of sharing insights and experiences regarding digitization.

Mind change

I started out in the entertainment industry in the early 1990s and have seen how the rise of the digital domain changed the field. Because of my passion for computers when I was young and inspired by Berthold Gunster’s book, ‘Ja, maar … Huh?!: de techniek van het omdenken’, and his flip-think technique, I reflected on the coming digital transformation and changed my mind about the accepted business model and earning models of the industry.

I realized that an entertainment company’s reason for existence is the content it produces and the fan base it builds. At the time, I have spread and articulated my thoughts regarding the rise of the digital domain in the first digital vision for ID&T: ‘The DJ, event or festival is a network. Content is the driving force that connects the DJ, event or festival to fans and clients. Data are the additional economic value.’

Digital domain

In the digital domain, the attention for and the relationship with the (future) fan or client has become the most important (economic) value. The most successful entertainment company is the one that succeeds in attaining the best position and the strongest relationships in the internet ecosystem. The Holy Grail is the personalization of the relationship with the fan. Fans want a direct and personal relationship with their favorite DJs, events or festivals. Entertainment companies in denial of this new reality will miss opportunities and eventually turnover, and see their value decrease. Organizations and artists that do pay attention will finally overtake them.

Data primarily provide direction and have gained in economic value. You solidify your reason for existence by investing in a digital strategy. By definition, a company increases its value by harvesting information and contextualization. That became apparent when SFX purchased ID&T.

It is my hope that you, the dance entrepreneur, feel like making the next step with your company and will integrate the digital domain into your business management. One thing is crystal clear: the entertainment industry is doing better than ever before, due to the digital domain. Now that the air is clear, it is time to transform from analogue to digital and to step it up.

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  1. Authors Note
  2. Preface: EDM and the digital domain
  3. Introduction: EDM and its revolutionary character
  4. The role of the internet ecosystem in EDM
  5. The business model examined
  6. How to organize your organization?
  7. Setting up a digital strategy
  8. Fan base information is the key
  9. Company value in the digital domain
  10. Transforming into a digital mature company
  11. Epilogue: Dont be Hansje Brinker
  12. Extra: Have some DJs hit their ceiling?
  13. Extra: Measuring your digital maturity


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